New concept; we will introduce you each month to a personality of Fuerteventura (FV) , either a local person or a visitor of the island !

This month, this is Saskia, a German woman who decided to follow her dreams to become a surf instructor !

1. Name,age, nationality : Saskia, 38, German/ Belgian

2. Years of surfing,short story of your starting :Ca. 3,5 years of surfing;

When I tried surfing in Portugal for the first time about 8 years ago, I weighted 15 kilos more than now. I had a lot of fun but the whole surfing experience felt extremely exhausting – after day one I barely could lift my arms, after day two I had a pulled muscle and on day three I had a conjunctivitis. So I tought – this is a fun sport, but definitely way too exhausting for me, and didn’t think about it anymore. But more or less 4 years ago, I started to integrate a lot of sports into my life, 5 times a week, Basketball, Yoga, TaeBo, Pilates – otherwise I had back pain of sitting in the office all day. I lost a lot of weight and even started to do ballet. After becoming quite fit, I thought – why not give surfing another try? So the second time I went surfing, I was well prepared, it was tremendous fun and after that I’ve never spent a vacation doing something else.

3. Favorite surf spot in Fv and worldwilde : in Fuerteventura: Majanicho. F avorite surf spot in Europe (haven’t been surfing outside of it): Costa Vicentina/ Portugal

4. Snacks before surf session : Porridge with banana, almonds, vanilla and cinnamon

5. Your relation ship with Aloha surf academy: When I decided to do my surf internship on Fuerteventura, I did a thorough research of ALL the surfschools on the island. I wanted to learn from the best and most dedicated instructor I could find, not from some random guy. This is how I came across Alex and the Aloha Surf Academy. Their approach to take only 6 students and to incorporate surfskate training into the classes convinced me to apply there. After I received a very friendly answer from Sophie I was happy that I made this decision.

6. one word to describe Fuerteventura : calming, vast expanse

7. Message you want to tell the readers? 5 years ago I never would have thought that I’d become a surf instructor one day. I’m way out of my comfort zone here. Not only with taking a sabbatical from work (in a film production), but also with being a teacher. But I’m really looking forward to this experience. I love to invent myself a new from time to time, I’ve already gone through a lot of changes in my life by doing this and have learned so much on the way. I like to be guided by passion and curiosity, not by fear. If I have a credo, then this one: „If you have a problem in your life, don’t worry. If you can do something about it, there’s no need to worry, change your life. If you can’t do anything about it, it doesn’t help to worry either.”7

Thanks a lot Saskia for answering that interview – we wish you the best for your surf instructor career !

Come to spend some surf holiday with our surf school and surf camp in Corralejo, Fuerteventura and have fun ! We are looking forward to see you for a surf course and help you to worry less ;)!