This weekend we have celebrated the 5th anniversary of our surf school in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. The program was big cake, pool party & Polynesian dance with a beautiful weather ! Thanks for coming to celebrate with us our success and also thanks to our friends, family, partners and to our customers who became our friends,.. read more →

Alex, the boss of our surf school in Corralejo, has new toys – the surfboards of the brand SBS (Snell Brothers Surfboards) ! He choose those surfboards for their performance in the water, of course (Alex tried the brothers’ boards and gave his technical evaluation for even more performance) and also because the boards are.. read more →

Here is Lukas…Lukas comes from Germany and he is with us for 4 weeks as a surf instructor intern. He is super dynamic and we feel his surf passion when he works. You still have 10 days to come to meet him at our surf academy in Corralejo ! Come to spend some surf holiday.. read more →

11 Feb 2016
February 11, 2016

Surf camp in Corralejo “surf riders”

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We are pleased to offer you the possibility to stay at the surf riders hostels for your holidays. There is a great swimming pool, continental breakfast, a skatepark in the neighbourhood and the possibility to get a bed in a dorm, or your private room with private bathroom ! Come to spend some surf holiday.. read more →

Doing Yoga makes a big difference in your surf progress! It helps you to ; focus (find waves, stay sharp & calm), strengthen your muscles and bones, discover more about your own body and movement, it improves your endurance, it helps you recover faster in between paddling, it improves your balance and more.. …so you.. read more →