Advanced Surf Course


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You are an advanced surfer who understood it is important to practice this sport regularly to maintain your level. Now, to accomplish new spectacular maneuvers or surf heavier waves; you need to consult a professional trainer!

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Our instructor Alex is licensed for high level coaching, aimed at competition level. He can give you many technical tips which allows you to make significant advances. You also get information on physical preparation, nutritional value, musculature, flexibility, how to avoid injuries, surf science, etc.


Advanced course

You start your training on the beach with the other students. The instructor evaluates your level. He corrects any bad habits and analyses your technique. Then, he plans an individual training program. You enjoy innovative exercises to develop your abilities and reinforce your weak areas with better technique. Then, the coach teaches new manoeuvres and he helps you to go to the next level. Your surf is more radical, dynamic and spectacular!