Improve your Surf

Your profile

You are an intermediate surfer who wants to progress and surf with control. Our valuable advice allow you to practice new surf manoeuvres. Our improve your surf course is for you !


Your program

– Depending on the surf conditions (tides, swell), we come to pick you up at your hotel in the morning (10:30)  or the afternoon (14:30). The time will be confirmed the day before by WhatsApp/sms for the first surf day.

– Our comfortable blue van takes you to the beach where the instructor gives you your material and looks after all administrative tasks.

– The surf course includes the transfer to the beach, a training carver skateboard, a warm up, exercises on the sand and in the water, a recovery break, and an after surf stretching session!

– The theory is often given around a table while you enjoy delicious smoothies/coffee on the way back to Corralejo. Also, at the end of the week, there is often a lunch or dinner where we take surf pictures analyses of your best waves !

– Your surf day lasts about 5-6 hours including the transfer.

– You only need to bring your beach gear, water & some food (possibility of buying food at a backery in the village of Lajares on the way to the beach) !

Your personalised course

– On the first day, the instructor evaluates your level.
– Then, he supervises and trains you individually with a personalised program, intensive and efficient so that you can perfect your surf ! Your program includes a lot of simulation exercises on the sand, so that you progress thanks to muscle memory. You practice your new knowledge in the white water, or on clean waves depending on the conditions.
– It is also offered that you try various types of surf boards during the course, so that you find a suitable board for you and your abilities! Our coaching techniques include simulations, pictures so that you can watch the footage while receiving feedback to improve your performance !


1 day intermediate

We take you to the beach with the other students (max 6 surfers), combining all the levels. Your level is evaluated on a softboard by Alex, the coach. Alex helps you to refresh or perform the basics of surfing and to correct any bad habits. Then you learn all about water safety and the rules to respect at the line up, etc. Then, he coaches you on paddle out techniques, on how to catch unbroken waves, and you try your first bottom turns. You also have the skateboard carver session !

A skateboard session (longboard carver type) is integrated into your surf course !

Skateboarding is a valuable tool to improve your balance and your posture on the surfboard. The feeling on the carver is very similar to the feeling in a wave and during the skating session you can improve and automatise your movements for the water ! Beginners will improve their balance and get a feeling for the whole body movements used in surfing. Intermediates can learn and improve different techniques like the ‘speed technique’ (to pass a breaking section) and ‘bottom-to-top-turn combinations’ (with compression and decompression of the body while simulation turns on the carver). ! When you return from your holiday, you can keep on training at home with a carver skateboard !


3 day intermediate

You follow the 1 day intermediate lesson, and then learn how to perform a bottom turn, and to surf down the line. After this you learn how to pass the waves to go to the peak, and how to react in case of a wipe out !

5 day intermediate

You complete the 3 day intermediate lesson and then we teach you the secret to performing bottom turns and top turns in the wave. You also learn how to get out of the wave doing a kick out !

You can also consult our page “Surf course information” or contact us directly !